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I am the luckiest

February 28, 2014



Today is my birthday.

This is me in Jersey back in the day, nappin’ with my daddy.  Whenever I look at this photo of where I came from, which hangs in my beautiful closet in my beautiful home where I live with my beautiful family, I feel wonder at all my blessings.  From the family I was given, to the family I’ve made – my friends, my peers, my incredible husband and son – I am truly humbled by my fortune.

On your birthday, you’re supposed to do what you want.  Today, I’m taking a cue from this picture – this afternoon, I’ll nap so tonight, I can dance like a kid.  On the table.  After eating all of the cake.

That is, except the piece I’ll save for you, my Revelers, for whom I am also – it goes without saying, but should be said –  so very grateful.



  1. Dan Larter

    November 14, 2014


    You were a great "cuddler." Thanks for remembering me on Veterans Day. I love you... D.

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