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RE(a)D my Lips

February 8, 2014



Rushing from meetings to set to events, I need to be able to change my look on a dime, and splashing some color on my face helps me feel polished, sexy, and in charge – especially when that color is red.

This color is a favorite all year round, but is a special “must” for any valentine’s day ensemble.

A perfect lip starts at the skin level, so I lightly exfoliate my lips daily with my towel when I’m fresh out of the shower, and make sure to keep them moisturized when I’m running around.  When it’s time to doll myself up, I start with one coat of lipstick, blot, apply a second coat, lay a tissue on top, then dust with translucent powder on top of the tissue.  Voila – hours of red bliss!  Words are in many ways art – they can be so beautiful, why not frame them?

Then again, when you’re wearing red lipstick, there’s often no need for words at all…



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