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A Beautiful Love Letter

February 13, 2014



“I love you” is the simplest, most elegant use of three words – some say it’s all you need.  That said, it’s also one of the most widely used phrases earth – how best, then, to keep it feeling fresh and chosen as it comes out of your mouth, or flows from your pen (or, in more cases than not these days, clicks out on your keyboard)?

Valentine’s day is a time to say exactly how you feel, and more than that, to get creative about it.  Revelry is about the classic love letter.  Save that 99c store-bought card for a rainy day in June – no one wants you to tell them anything emotional with some stranger’s words.  This year, the Year of the Valentine, sit down, put on some music, and really think about how that special someone makes you feel.  Whether it’s your lover, friend, or family, they’re sure to keep every chosen word tucked away somewhere special – the pages of their favorite book, that box under their bed, that little corner of their heart – for a long time to come.

Here are our tips for how to craft a beautiful love letter:


Ok, you know when you run into someone and you get the “OH MY GOD I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR DRESS” just a little too quickly?  Don’t do the literary version of that – be specific.  Make this part about them, not about your shared experiences.  Tell them they are beautiful to you and, whether you choose an inside or outside trait, tell them exactly what about this piece of them makes them irreplaceable.


No two people remember any event the exact same way.  Is there one that you can recall sharing with this person that you think they might like to relive through your words?  Details are your darling here! Help them step into the memory with you – it’ll ensure sweeter memories to come.


Valentine’s Day is a blanket excuse to say things that, on other days, might seem crazy.  Be crazy!  Love is crazy!  Write a poem, or quote a sappy love song, or draw a picture of what your love looks like to you.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be raw, and from your heart.

For a little inspiration, check out Glamour’s 10 Best Love Letters Ever Written.  Number 10…I die…



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