Potato pancakes with smoked salmon

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon and creme fraiche

March 1, 2017

Personally I love the flavor combination of crispy fried potato pancakes topped with salmon and twangy creme fraiche. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

      potato pancakes with smoked salmon and creme fraiche
        shredded or thinly sliced potatoes
          green onion slivers, green and white parts
            kosher salt
                creme fraiche
                  smoked salmon
                      freshly cracked black pepper
                        lemon slices


                      mix potatoes with onions and salt, form into small pancakes. add butter to a cast iron pan and cook on medium-high heat, flipping once until browned. remove pancakes from pan and let cool. slather with creme fraiche, fold on thin slices of salmon, top with chives and cracked pepper. serve with lemon.

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