French toast with nutella and bananas

French toast with nutella and bananas

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September 6, 2017

Love can be decadent and still be healthy!

Most days, we wake up with oatmeal or eggs, but sometimes I like to pamper my boys.  This Valentine’s day, I’ll be whipping up this delicious recipe for French Toast with Nutella and Bananas.

Who doesn’t want a naughty, nutty, chocolatey banana bite that’s secretly wholesome?  I made mine with wheat bread instead of the usual brioche, added bananas, and substituted Earth Balance for regular butter.

For your big guy, serve with a latte (or a glass of champagne…) and a flower.  For your little one, substitute the espresso with a milky ba-ba!

Sweetness for your sweets!




      8 slices Whole Wheat Toast
        4 Tbls. Nutella
          2 Bananas
            2 Eggs
              ¼ cup Vanilla Almond Milk
                4 Tsp. Earth Balance butter
                  Strawberries and Powdered Sugar, for garnish
                    Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter



                  Cut a heart out of 8 pieces of bread, then spoon and spread Nutella onto 4 pieces.  Cut bananas into slices, distribute the slices evenly on top of the Nutella covered bread, then top with the plain bread to make 4 sandwiches.  Beat together the eggs with the almond milk in a medium sized bowl, then individually dunk the hearts in the mixture, flipping so both sides are saturated.  Melt 1 tsp. of Earth Balance butter in a pan on medium heat, then cook the hearts one by one until golden brown, re-greasing pan as needed. Plate, garnish with strawberries, dust with powdered sugar, and love every bite!

                  Serves: 4

                  Prep time: 10 minutes

                  Cook time: 10 minutes

                  (adapted from loveandlemons)

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