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Artichoke Hummus with Tahini

August 2, 2017

Summer is coming, and with it pooltime, beachtime…bikini time. Be gone, winter snacking habits! Goodbye cheese platters, hello hummus.

I love to whip this up for company, or just to make a big batch for my family to chomp on throughout the week. Delicious served with crudité, as a spread on sandwiches, or dipped into pita chips, hummus is a mediterranean staple due to it’s healthful qualities. High in protein and low in fat, hummus is a creamy, satisfying way to dip into flavor while skipping out on guilt.




      ¼ cup Tahini
        3 tbls. Lemon
          2 16 oz. cans Chickpeas
            ¼ cup Olive Oil
              1 can Artichoke Hearts (reserve the water)
                2 Cloves Garlic
                  1.5 tsp. Salt
                    ¼ tsp. Hot Paprika



                  Place the tahini and lemon in a food processor, and blend until they achieve a thicker, paste-like consistency that is lighter in color – this should take 1-2 minutes. Next, add the rest of the ingredients, one at a time, blending each one in for about a minute.  At the end, add the water you’ve reserved from the Artichoke cans to thin the consistency to your level of preference.  In a time crunch, you can add everything at once, but a smoother texture will be achieved by isolating each ingredient. Once all the elements have been added and the hummus appears smooth, cut up some veggies, grab some pita chips, and snack away!

                  Total cooking time: 10 mins.

                  Serves: A party of 10, or your family for a week of snacking and flavoring!

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