Himalayan salt
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Kosher salt, table salt… salt salt

November 24, 2013

Himalayan salt

Kosher salt, table salt, flavored salt, sea salt, flake salt…I love salt, but when to use what?

I use kosher whenever I’m browning, kosher salt helps to achieve a crust. Whether it’s browning mushrooms in a cast-iron pan, or cooking up the perfect filet mignon, reach for kosher.

Table salt is great for baking because it dissolves quickly and contains calcium which is an anti-caking agent.

Flavored salts come in everything from truffle, to lavender, to smoked. They are delicious! Experiment with different flavors, my favorite is truffle salt on just about anything.

Sea salt is my go to salt. It is a little more expensive but the flavor from the minerals naturally occurring in sea water make it really special.

Flake salt is the biggest treat of them all. The grains are larger and oddly shaped so they add a bit of a crunch. I use flake salt to top off dishes like salads or roasted vegetables.

There’s nothing better than fresh and quality ingredients. Sometimes we can get too complicated in our cooking and lose the real flavors of great foods. Try cooking things simply, add a sprinkle of salt, and enjoy. xx Ali

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