Ali in a denim skirt for spring
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Blue jean baby

March 7, 2014

Like the perfect pour of whiskey, or gingham in summertime, denim embodies all-American elegance.  Who hasn’t spent hours digging through racks and stacks for the perfect pair of jeans?   I know my stride feels sexier when I’ve found a pair of baby blues to bring some extra attention to my, ahem, assets.

But denim is so much more than just pants.  Denim is dresses that can be worn from office to on-the-town; it’s pencil skirts; it’s a chambray shirt that can be loose with leggings for a coffee date, then tucked into a pleated skirt for a very happy hour.

Here is some blue-hued inspiration for your spring wardrobes – put the wool away, it’s time to lighten up!






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