lemon cocktail with mint ice cubes

January 8, 2015

Lemon Cocktail with Mint Ice Cubes

This is genuinely one of the easiest, most delicious cocktails I’ve tasted.  While also being beautiful in presentation, I love how few ingredients are required.  The only part of this that requires forethought is making the mint ice cubes.  Chic, springtime cocktails in a snap!





      Fresh mint
        Ice cube tray
            Vodka – or spirit of choice






          Directions for mint ice cubes

          Fill your ice cube tray halfway up with water, and place one leaf of mint in each cube.  Let the first half freeze all the way, then fill the tray to the top, and place back in the freezer.  This way, your mint will rest in the center of the cube, rather than floating on the top.


          Directions for cocktail

          Add your spirit of choice to chilled lemonade, and then drop in one cube per glass.  I love amplifying the flavor of the lemons by using a citrus vodka.



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