The suit that suits summer
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The suit that suits summer

July 2, 2014

I’m constantly running around town.  From meetings, to events, to coffees/lunches/dinners, to set, I sometimes have day when my outfit gets zipped up at 8 and works along with me until after midnight.  In summertime, when it’s hot and fussiness feels especially tiresome, I often find myself adopting a uniform of sorts – a set of sundresses that hit at a length i’m particularly fond of and can be gussied up for night with a leather jacket, or a tank top that goes with literally every single thing in my closet.

The summer of 2014 is shaping up to be the season of the white suit.  Whether pants or a dress, flowy or fitted, these sets move fluidly from board room to boardwalk.  The separate pieces allow for a sliding scale of  formality and, of course, skin-baring, and let’s be honest: nothing’s better than summer skin and white white!

Take a peek at these pulls from whowhatwear and Elle Germany.  Shine in the light and stand out at night, all while looking like a lady in charge.  The Revelry way.




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